Facing Jerusalem

god's plan for global redemption

Christianity is in trouble.

Zac Waller and Luke Hilton’s new book, Facing Jerusalem, reveals an ancient prayer that unlocks the door to God’s favor in our lives.

Imitate the Life of Jesus

Have the Boldness of Daniel

Embrace the Prayer of Solomon


  • Western culture is attacking Christianity.
  • Biblical principles are being traded for prosperity doctrine.
  • Young people are leaving the faith of their childhood.
  • Return to our faith that originated in the Holy Land.
  • Follow the call of Jesus to rise up with bold faith in our generation.
  • Make biblical principles guiding factors in our life today.

About the Book

Everyday our faith is attacked and often watered down.

Those who are zealous for the faith are few in number, or choose to stay silent. Many young people are leaving the faith of their childhood to chase the dream of this world.

But God gives us hope.

If we look carefully at the Bible, we find that God gives us hope through an ancient prayer. This prayer unlocks the door to forgiveness and God’s favor in our lives. It all goes back to a dedication of a Temple in Jerusalem. Most often, however, the key ingredient is left out – facing Jerusalem.

Drawing from the authors’ many years of working in Israel, and filled with personal stories, this book paints a beautiful picture of how all believers should care about, and recognize Jerusalem’s key role in the redemption of the world.

What other readers are saying . . .

  • The book you penned had to have been inspired by God. You both did the work of skilled theologians who understand the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. You managed to accomplish this task using words and examples any person can easily understand and appreciate. Your book needs to be read by every person who claims the name of Christ.

    Earl & Kathleen Cox
    Goodwill Ambassadors to Israel
  • I worked through the manuscript and want you to know that you’ve done a great job taking your readers to the next level of understanding the foundation and ongoing debt we have to Israel/Judaism.

    Michael Card
    Singer/Songwriter and Author
  • Great book. It covers a lot of ground without burdening one down with too many academic details but just enough to stir my curiosity. It also reveals you all have a wealth of knowledge, and should make some people really want to learn! There are some startling-truths in there for learning about Israel.

    Sharon Sanders
    Founder of CFI
  • An important contribution to the Israel debate by non-Jewish Christians who are intimately familiar with Judea and Samaria, otherwise known as the West Bank. They are very aware of Bible prophecy. A book to read and pass on – and a sourcebook of ideas on these topics for discussion e.g. at Christian youth meetings. Easy to read. Highly recommended.

    from the United Kingdom
  • Several books have been written discussing the relationship a believer in Yeshua has with the Land, the People, and the Scriptures of Israel. Facing Jerusalem stands out in that the authors and their families all live what this book implores others to do . . . we highly recommend Facing Jerusalem to all who are interested in biblical truth concerning Israel. It is factual and very easy to understand.

    Ariel Berkowitz
    from the United States
  • If I did not already agree with the premise of the authors, I surely would be convinced of these truths after reading their book. They back up their points with many biblical quotes. I would like to share this book with all my Christian friends.

    Janet Greenleaf
    from the United States

Meet the Authors

Zac Waller

Executive Director of HaYovel, Author of "Christians Meet Israel"

Luke Hilton

Marketing Director at HaYovel, Show Host at The Israel Guys

Are you ready to face Jerusalem?

In a time when many believers are satisfied with a mediocre faith, Facing Jerusalem challenges those who are ready to take a stand for the Christianity that Jesus taught – boldly aligning themselves with God’s Kingdom that will one day be restored in Jerusalem.